What to do in Milan on Monday?

What to do in Milan on Monday?

what to do in Milan

If you visit the Italian capital of fashion when a new week starts, you’ll maybe wonder: what to do in Milan on Monday?


This is a common question in Italy because most of the museums usually close on Monday. It’s a big issue to deal with, no doubt, and Milan is no exception.

But no worries, because Milan is little by little changing and readapting its traditional habits. Therefore the city is full of activities you can enjoy, even on Monday!

Here is your essential guide to the very best things to do in Milan, and around, on Monday:

  1. Explore the fascinating iconic symbol of Milan, the Duomo, including its archaeological roman site.
  2. Live a wow experience and enjoy the stunning views of the milanese skyline from the Rooftop of the Duomo.
  3. Discover an amazing contemporary art collection at Museo del 900, right by the gothic Cathedral.
  4. Marvel at the beauty of La Scala, one of the leading Opera Theatres in the World.
  5. Then stop for an amazing browse through the Scala Museum and its countless art pieces.
  6. Be dazzled by the glamorous stores while walking along the elegant fashion Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II.
  7. Take the elevator and observe the people in the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II from its top glass domed ceiling.
  8. Admire masterpieces by Botticelli, Bellini and Leonardo’s pupils at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum.
  9. Stroll through the bohemian district of Brera and let the picturesque fortune-tellers reveal your future by reading your hand-lines.
  10. Burn off some calories by jogging around the Sempione Park, the largest milanese green area.

(TO BE CONTINUED…a second list of tips about “What to do in Milan on Monday” is coming soon 🙂 ).

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