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Dive into Italy’s culinary scene and the authentic Milanese delicacies on our wide range of Tastes & Flavours Tours.


You know, Italian cuisine has deeply influenced food culture around the world. Pasta, pizza, cheese, wine and gelato are important part of Italian meals. One of the pillars of Italian food culture is regional diversity. No area of Italy eats the same things as the next. While travelling from the north to south of Italy you could experience as many different dishes as you travelled around the whole continent.

In Milan you can get it all! Join our top food & wine experiences and taste the best that Milan and Italy can offer.

Our Tastes & Flavours Tours are led by expert foodie guides that can give you insider’s tips on how to make the most of your visit in Milan. In addition, we’ve selected our favorite restaurants, bars and our very own shortlist of not-to-be-missed food and drinks in Milan!

At first, walk along the most popular milanese food streets and neighborhoods. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the artsy and bohemian Brera district or the lively and buzzing Navigli area. On the way, you’ll learn which foods are in season, which aren’t, how to cook that meal and what you’d never do. You’ll visit warm and welcoming local producers where they sell their own homemade olive oil, balsamic vinegar or mozzarella cheese. You’ll learn a lot…but, of course, you’ll also taste the Italian goods!

So, pop inside local bakeries, pastry shops, street-food markets and wineries. Then smell and taste gastronomical delicacies, mouthwatering bites and the regional cuisine. Finally sip bitter Italian aperitifs, a glass of red Chianti wine or sparkling spumante.

Looking for a more engaging food experience in Milan? We can organize a special and private cooking-class for you and yours. You’ll receive the necessary ingredients and together with your personal chef you’ll learn the art of producing homemade Italian pasta, pizza and gelato! Perfect for adults and kids!

Contact us, join our Tastes & Flavours tours in Milan and …be sure to come hungry!

Created by My Private Milan | April 5, 2017 | All Tours

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