Things to do in Milan on Monday!

Things to do in Milan on Monday!

Things to do in Milan

We’re back with this new post to answer a very common question among the tourists: What are the Things to do in Milan on Monday?


There is loads to do in Milan but sometimes it’s not that immediate if you visit the city on Mondays. Therefore, here we provide other 10 tips about Things to do in Milan soon after the week end (read the first part of the list here: What to do in Milan on Monday?):

  1. Take your pain away with a visit to the celebrated Monumental Cemetery and you’ll discover a fascinating open-air museum.
  2. Go shopping, it’s Milan! Fashion stores never close on Monday.
  3. Pay nothing to see the countless amazing churches spread everywhere in Milan (S. Ambrogio is a must-see spot).
  4. Take a selfie by the provocative Middle Finger statue set in front of the Milanese Stock Exchange.
  5. Dive into the latest contemporary art collections at Fondazione Prada.
  6. Escape the city, take a train and explore one of the stunning lakes around Milan (Como, Maggiore, Garda or Lugano).
  7. Take a shady walk, then sit down and relax at the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens.
  8. Ok, the Last Supper is closed…but you can deepen your knowledge about Leonardo visiting Casa degli Atellani and its amazing garden where the genius planted his own vineyard!
  9. Spend a lazy afternoon visiting the temporary exhibits on display at Palazzo Reale (right by the Duomo).
  10. Experience a cheap (1.5 euro) but funny city sightseeing boarding on Tram n.1 and discover the main city landmarks on a circular itinerary along the layout of the ex medieval city walls.

Before you go we always recommend to quickly check on line because opening times and week schedule could change.

what to do in milan 2

Church of S. Ambrogio, Milan

what to do in Milan 2

Leonardo da Vinci’s vineyard, Milan

what to do in Milan 2

Fondazione Prada, Milan


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