Milan reputation is the highest ever!

Milan reputation is the highest ever!

milan reputation

2017 City RepTrak recently announced that Milan Reputation is the highest in Italy!


Milan has always been considered the economic capital of Italy, but a bit ‘grey’. It was the city to be visited just for business, but far behind the Great Beauty of other italian ambassadors such as Rome and Venice. Stereotypes, of course.

But finally the ‘fog’ on the Duomo cathedral is fading out. Now the city, according to the judgments of foreigners and compatriots, has also become “beautiful”. Milan has been warming up since 2015, when it rose the global stage during the World EXPO 2015. But this year, for the first time, it has also overtaken Rome from the reputation point of view. And it has reached the ninth position among the top ten most regarded cities in the world.

While Sidney holds the first position, according to the last ranking by City Rep Trak, Milan reputation is 78.7 points (70 is “strong”), Rome stops at 78.1.

But what is reputation? The main three key evaluation elements are: tourism potential, public policies and the economic system. These aspects of course refer to many other features ranging from security to means of transport. The result is the rise of Milan in the Italian scenario.

The city of business, fashion and aperitivo stands out for “advanced social, economic and environmental policies”. But aspects such as “the beauty of the city” and “living engaging experiences” heavily weigh in the reversal of the trend that made Milan earn “excellent” vows.

And what is more important is that, according to recent researches, an increase of one point in the reputation of a city increases the propensity to visit that territory of about three percent. So this ranking deeply affects the export growth of about 1.7 percentage points. Well done, Milan!

Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II

Milan reputation

Brera art collection

Milan reputation

Milan or Paris?

So, still doubting that Milan is your next city-break destination? Contact us and we’ll make you discover the city highlights and its countless hidden pearls.

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