Milan Lgbt Tourism is growing higher

Milan Lgbt Tourism is growing higher

Milan Lgbt Tourism

Could Milan Lgbt Tourism be the next strategic business opportunity for Italy?


Yes, if Lombardy will succeed in hosting the 37th convention organized by the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association in 2020. The Iglta, which now has more than 3,000 associates, is the only to represent Lgbt Tourism within the World Tourism Organization (Unwto).

The lgbt event would bring hundreds of tourist businesses and international public institutions to Milan from over 80 countries around the world. That’s why the Italian Association of Gay and Lesbian Tourism (Aitgl) is sponsoring the milanese nomination.

Lgbt tourism is a brand-new world-wide trend. The Bocconi University has recently estimated its economic value between 195 and 211 billion dollars a year. In addition, according to the last surveys, the Lgbt traveler is a big spender. Therefore a tourist with higher income than average, with university education (39% vs. 13% of the Italian average) and 29% with management work positions.

Lgbt travelers generally have trips four times a year, both for business and pleasure. Italy is ranked as a desired destination, ok. But then falls to the fifth position among the chosen countries. The reason is that it is considered to be less gay friendly and with less dedicated services than other European destinations.

“This is the first milestone of a path that started about one year ago,” said the president of the Aitgl, Alessio Virgili during the presentation of the candidacy of Milan. “We must now win the competition against London, Bogota or Sydney. Last time a similar event took place in Europe, in Madrid, dates back to 2012”.

Iglta travel association.

Milan lgbt Tourism

Beppe Sala, mayor of Milan.

Leonardo da Vinci, an lgbt icon.


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