Milan events 2018: special “weeks”, all year long!

Milan events 2018: special “weeks”, all year long!

Milan Events 2018

Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of the city has recently shown the calendar of the top Milan Events 2018.


Next year Milan will be, more and more, a lively and attractive city for both the locals and the international visitors. So, from fashion to food, from music to art, many special ‘theme weeks’ will put Milan in the spotlight. Fashion weeks and the design week are a “must” by now but… there’s much more to enjoy in the future!

YES MILANO is going to be the new brand to promote Milan and its international events. An engaging video will advertise the milanese cultural events around the most popular Italian airports and railway stations. Certainly Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples but also London Heathrow will push this video starting at the end of august.

Whether you visit Milan for business or leisure, here is a quick overview of the main events you’ll find next year (more details here,

  • Fashion Week (13-16 January, 21-27 February, 16-20 June 19-25 September)
  • Museo City (2-4 March)
  • Art Week (9-15 April)
  • Design Week (17-22 April)
  • Food City (7-13 May)
  • Piano City (18-20 May)
  • Arch Week (22-27 May)
  • Photo Week (4-10 June)
  • Movie Week (17-23 September)
  • Fall Design Week (October)
  • Book City (8-11 November)
  • Music Week (12-18 November)


At My Private Milan we will follow all the above Milan Events 2018. Contact us if you want to know more!

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