Why you should visit the Milan Duomo!

Why you should visit the Milan Duomo!

Milan Duomo Guided Tour

You can visit the Milan Duomo every day, but each time you face the Cathedral something unexpected crops up. That’s why it is truly the most iconic landmark of the city!


Take either the Red or the Yellow Metro line and stop at ‘Duomo’ station. Just climb a few steps to get out of the subway. You’ll soon be dazzled by the pinky white marble of the Cathedral. Its unmistakable façade has been the symbol of Milan for centuries and it is currently the fourth largest Christian church in Europe!

What’s behind the 11,700 square meters of its overall surface? It takes time to get to know this amazing church. It’s been holding the whole history of its citizens for over six hundred years and will continue for much longer!

Just a few numbers of this gothic masterpiece to increase your curiosity:

  • 3,400 statues. It is almost impossible to stop looking at them all. Look up and you can come across very weird animals such as owls, frogs, birds, dogs. But also gargoyles, monsters and mermaids. Among the Prophets and the Saints, the Apostles and the countless characters of the Bible you can discover the unexpected milanese Statue of Liberty 🙂
  • 135 spires. 300 steps separate the ground level from the first terrace (but no panic if you’re a bit lazy: a comfortable lift can make you skip the effort). Look through the imposing pinnacles of the rooftop, a true marble forest, and you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from above.
  • 12 zodiac signs. As soon as you enter, look at the floor. Among the beautiful inlay of colored marbles you can discover 12 unexpected figures. Along a brassy line crossing the cathedral, they are part of a still working sundial built in the second half of the eighteenth century. If you visit the Milan Duomo at noon, you can see a ray of sunlight entering the church through a hole in the ceiling and striking the monthly zodiac sign.
  • 1. The only one. The famous beautiful Madonnina, the gold-plated statue of the Virgin Mary that stands on the cathedral’s highest spire. She’s been there to guide and protect all the milanese citizens since 1774.
Milan Duomo Statue of Liberty

The Milanese Statue of Liberty

Apse of the Milan Duomo

Apse Window of the Milan Duomo

Unexpected details of the terraces


Intriguing, isn’t it? Find out what’s beneath the surface of this astonishing site and discover its countless hidden secrets.

We recommend to visit the Milan Duomo with an expert local guide. Take a look at our Milan Tours and contact us to customize your unforgettable experience.

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