Taste the best traditional Milan food!

Taste the best traditional Milan food!

Risotto Milan Food

Do you know what’s the typical Milan food?


If you want to understand the culture of a place it’s important you taste some good local food! In Milan, of course, you can find the common Italian pasta and pizza. But you cannot leave the city without tasting its best typical appetizers, dishes and desserts!

So, here is a short but essential list of the ‘must-eat’ milanese meals. You can find most of them in several Milanese “Trattoria” or “Osteria”, old-school cheap restaurants usually family owned.


The aperitif, or happy hour, is Milan’s specialty. The city is full of places to take a cocktail and a bite to eat before dinner. Generally you pay for a drink and then you  access an “all-you-can-eat” buffet. Top neighborhoods to try: Brera, Navigli, Corso Como and Tortona.
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Risotto alla Milanese

The true iconic Milanese dish! Rice, saffron and Parmesan cheese…this is a top speciality of Milan and is a typical autumn/winter meal. A local legend states it dates back to the XVI century: a Flemish artist who painted the stained glass windows of the Duomo with saffron pigments tasted this spice with rice and found it was delicious!

Cotoletta alla Milanese

This is a thick, bone-in veal cutlet, covered with breadcrumbs and fried in butter. OK, we know, it’s similar but IT’S NOT the Weiner Schnitzel!!! For sure it is one of the favourite dishes among the Milanese children, usually together with french fries. The wide, wide, wide cutlet is also known as ‘elephant ear’… 🙂


Finally, the dessert! This sort of sweet bread with raisin and candied fruit is part of Milanese’s history since 9th century and it’s still now the official Christmas cake.
The city is full of historical traditional bakeries where you can find mouthwatering panettone. Our favourite spots are Pasticceria Marchesi and Cova.
Ever tasted?

Aperol Spritz Aperitivo

milan food

Cotoletta Milanese

milan food

Panettone Milanese


So, what are you waiting for? Join our Tastes & Flavours Tour and live your best Milan Food experience!

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