Taste the best Panettone for Christmas in Milan!

Taste the best Panettone for Christmas in Milan!

Best Panettone for Christmas

Searching for tips on the best Panettone for Christmas?


Ok, you’re spending your winter holidays in Milan and you know that Panettone is a “must” for the locals. So, you wanna taste a traditional Christmas pastry baked in northern Italy and, no doubt, you’re in the right place.

To be honest, Milan has no longer a monopoly on Panettone production! From Sicily to Trentino, all the Italian regions are trying to reinvent this delicious cake with very creative proposals. Therefore you can taste, for example, the Panettone in the “sacher” version or the one with buffalo butter, dried figs, walnuts and fennel. You can also taste the Panettone with balsamic vinegar of Modena or the one customized by the famous baker Ernst Knam (the Knammettone 🙂 ).

But, all these innovative products are available in Milan, of course, together with the more traditional versions. If you want to take no risks, head to Marchesi (a milanese excellence since 1824), Cova (very fashionable in via Montenapoleone) or drive to Besuschio (in Abbiategrasso, a picturesque village 30 minutes far from Milan).

Moving abroad, a sort of “panettone mania” has spread in the United States this year. Even the prestigious New York Times has dedicated an article to our milanese Christmas delicacy. The title is clear: Panettone Has Become an Obsession for American Bakers! The focus is set on the recipe and the sleepless nights of the overseas pastry chefs because of the difficulty of its preparation. Some people even take some ingredients from Europe and produce their own yeast, like Rick Easton, a baker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It is true! Churning out a Panettone worthy of the name is not trivial.

From the USA also good news on the consumption side. Sales are constantly increasing, it’s a real boom! In spite of those who considered it a product that would not be sold, in some stores of Eataly Usa stocks are already sold out.


Best Panettone for Christmas

Traditional Panettone

Besuschio Bakery, Abbiategrasso

Innovative Panettone by Knam

Marchesi Bakery, Milan

So, join our food tours and we’ll make you experience the best Panettone for Christmas…and much more!

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